Metal detector Rutus Atrex DD28

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    The brand new Rutus Atrex detector could be used with 2 different softwares to suite the needs of beginners and expert hunters.

    The "Advanced" software is suggested for experts detectorists, it is already installed in the machine, while the "Basic" software, designed for beginners, could be downloaded from the web site and installed in the the detector's memory without the need of any cable, thanks to the integrated Wifi electronics.

    Atrex will allow you to choose from 4.4 to 18.4 kHz frequency (71 one different ones!) in order to maximize its performances on every kind of soil and any kind of target.

    Between its exclusive features, we could find the "MULTI-FILTER" function, that automatically allows you to find non ferrous targets on heavily mineralized soils in a more efficient and productive way.

    For the beach hunting lovers, the Atrex's Water Reject system (using 2 simultaneous frequencies), will give outstanding performance and stability.

    This machine will also show you the electromagnetic interference spectrum, for an easier frequency choice.

    It features an high-resolution LCD color display, with great visibility in every light condition.

    This model includes a 28 cm DD coil for great depth and target separation.


    • BASIC and ADVANCED software
    • Color display
    • 28cm DD coil

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    2 Years
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    Metal detector Rutus Atrex DD28

    650.00 €

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