Score and Double Score

Score and Double Score
Multi-frequency for all

Turn On and GO

Simple to use

Preset search modes

Maximum handling

Extreme sensitivity

Waterproof up to 5m

Discover, the metal detectors
Turn On and Go!

Designed to make metal detecting accessible and fun for everyone, Nokta Score and Nokta Double Score, with their "Turn On and GO" philosophy, eliminate the need for complicated settings, offering a simplified yet efficient detection experience. Equipped with simultaneous multi-frequency and water resistance (up to 5m), it is the perfect ally for beginners.

  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use

Both models feature a mechanically identical design, with carbon fibre rods, collapsible rods, and a light weight of only 1250 grams.

The Nokta Score offers essential settings such as volume, backlight, Bluetooth connection, and other options. Meanwhile, the Nokta Double Score offers a more comprehensive set of parameters, including ground balance, recovery speed, and user profile management.

Backlit Screen
For use in low light conditions
Bluetooth connection
With feedback by both sound and vibration
Autonomy of 12 hours
Equipped with lithium batteries for endless searches

The display

The control interface and display of Nokta Score and Nokta Double Score are characterised by their intuitiveness and ease of use.

Equipped with backlit keys, they allow for easy adjustment of essential parameters, easily adapting to different situations during the search.

your search

Simple to use, thanks to the Quick Start mode, simply switch on the instrument, wait for initialisation and select the desired search mode from:

Suitable for exploration in parks or environments with a significant presence of metal or metal debris. It provides significant penetration and, thanks to its distinctive sounds, allows the metal detector to intuitively identify the type of metal detected by the detector.

Suitable for agricultural land or other contexts with little metal debris. It provides a high level of performance and effective discrimination of ferrous materials.

This configuration is optimal for exploration in both dry and wet coastal areas, including full immersion. Thanks to its advanced mineralisation balancing system, it maintains the stability and performance of the device while eliminating disturbances caused by the presence of seawater.

The 12"x9" Coil DD (SC30)

The supplied 11" coil, ideal for general searches on all terrains, including highly mineralized ones, where it is possible to obtain excellent detection depths.
Coil cover included!

Standard Search Coil
Excellent Coverage
Excellent Depth

Discover the models

The Nokta Score metal detector is available in 2 versions:
» Score
» Double Score

Powerful and easy to use, choose your new metal detector from Nokta's new excellence!

Essential accessories
for research

Don't you know what accessories to put in your "equipment" as a detectorist?

As time goes by, each seeker fine-tunes his equipment to suit his needs.

But the most useful accessories for each type of research are:
» Nokta AccuPOINT
» Nokta BT Headphones aptX™
» Premium Digger Knife
» Camo Bag