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Underwater research: detecting in fresh and salt water

Tired of the usual search between sand, stones and barren land?

With the arrival of the summer season the desire for summer reigns and for lovers of detecting open new fun opportunities to practice their hobby at the

  • sea
  • lake
  • sea
or in the charming bed of a river.

The search in water is one of the most fun because, in addition to giving the most satisfying satisfactions, it guarantees a healthy physical activity and a regenerating opportunity to relax.

Detectorshop experts recommend using guaranteed underwater models up to 3-5 meters deep, so as to avoid the risk of an accidental fall (which could cause technical damage) and to allow an exploration of the seabed also by diving completely.

Metal detector

Freshwater Search

It’s the easiest variant because, in the absence of saline mineralization, the performance of our metal detectors is even higher.

Also in this case, the advice is to use completely waterproof models to avoid that, in case of accidental immersion, they can be damaged.

Search in salt water

To practice detecting in a marine environment

  • beach
  • shoreline
  • light immersion
we will need a car with precise requirements, first of all able to withstand without problems the salt and sea water.

In addition, the metal detector must remain stable even in the presence of saline mineralization (which, in some cases, can generate "false" signals or render unusable an unsuitable detector).

In this regard, the best models are those with simultaneous multi-frequency that, in these research contexts, offer the most advanced and reliable performance.

Alternatively, for the most demanding situations, those in which the salt mineralization is added to the iron of the black sands, the experts of Detectorshop recommend the use of models with Pulse Induction technology, the only one able to have excellent performance in the most extreme conditions.

Main Characteristics

DetectorShop: Everything for metal detecting


The metal must be able to resist water and its pressure even at great depths.

Adjustable sensitivity

The sensitivity must be adjustable in order to be able to detect objects at the greatest possible depth

Easy to use

Choose a light and handy metal to be able to be used for long periods of time

Simultaneous multifrequency

Particularly suitable because it eliminates the disturbances introduced by the saltwater mineralization

Pulse induction

Ideal at sea, thanks to the electromagnetic impulses it is possible to reach considerable depths

Neutral Buoyancy

This feature minimizes the upward thrust, which could tire the finder

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Metal detecting is the hobby that unites

It is very easy to socialize with other people who share the same passion as us, given that the number of seekers who prefer these environments is constantly growing.
With them you can exchange tips, experiences or findings.

Often, practicing metal detecting, it is possible to find lost objects which perhaps have a great sentimental value for those who have lost them. Seeing the joy in their eyes when you return a lost object to its rightful owner is an unforgettable emotionthat is priceless

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