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Minelab's Go Find series is the ideal choice for anyone wishing to approach the world of metal detecting.

If you are looking for a metal detector that is intuitive, simple and at the same time exciting, Minelab's Go Find series is exactly what you need.

Perfect for those who want to get closer to metal detecting, ideal for novices and perfect for children.
The Go Find offers a unique blend of advanced technology and handiness that promises to turn every search into an unforgettable adventure.

LED identification system
Quickly distinguishes different target types.
Waterproof coil
Optimised for the discovery of common coins and jewellery.
Suitable for all environments
Remarkably compact, easy to carry anywhere.

The App

Available for models 44 and 66, the Go Find app turns your smartphone into a real command centre for your metal detector. Monitor searches, track finds and identify modern coins with a touch, making every outing even richer and more fun.


All Go Find models boast Minelab's VLF VFLEX technology, with superior performance ensured by dual microprocessor digital control. The 7.4 kHz frequency is ideal for searching coins and medium-sized objects, offering unmatched versatility.

Discover all the models
GO Find

APEX is available in 4 versions, find the version that suits you best!
» Go Find 11
» Go Find 22
» Go Find 44
» Go Find 66

With these complete solutions you can quickly and easily start finding your first treasures!

Essential accessories
for research

Don't you know what accessories to put in your "equipment" as a detectorist?

As time goes by, each seeker fine-tunes his equipment to suit his needs.

But the most useful accessories for each type of research are:
» Pinpointer Pro-Find 40
» Excavating tools
» Minelab Gloves