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Beach hunting

The beach hunting is an exciting and fun experience that every seeker should try at least once. There is something fascinating about searching for treasures hidden under the sand, and discovering mysterious objects that have been buried for years like

  • coins
  • rings
  • precious little jewels
The fact that such objects were lost by someone in the past always add a note of mystery and history to every object found.

Metal detector

Beach hunting

Discover the buried treasures

The search with the metal detector by the sea can be a suggestive activity. With the arrival of summer, the beach becomes a place frequented by many people, and this increases the chances of finding lost or forgotten items, such as

  • coins
  • jewelry
  • watches
  • sunglasses
and more. The discovery of precious objects can be very exciting and rewarding.

For a better performance on the sand, choose the metal detectors with simultaneous multi-frequency, or for the more complex situations where the black sands are added to the salt mineralization is strongly recommended to use models with Pulse Induction technology.

Main Characteristics

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simplicity of use

The metal detector must be easy to control and set, given the difficulty of the search environment


The detector shall be capable of being immersed fully in water and withstanding pressure

Neutral buoyancy

Reduces fatigue when brushing with the plate immersed, setting the static floating point

Simultaneous multi-frequency

Eliminates the disturbances of salt mineralization present in sea water

Pulse induction

Thanks to the special high-power pulse technology, you will achieve top performance

Adjustable discrimination

It must be possible to regulate discrimination to eliminate the signals of "junk" objects

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Sea Hunting

The search at sea with the metal detector, both partial and total immersion, can be a really exciting activity. To practice detecting on the beach the metal detector must remain stable even in the presence of saline mineralization (which can generate false signals) and resist the

  • saltness
  • sea water
For a better result choose the models with Pulse Induction technology, the only one able to have excellent results

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