The LEGEND di Nokta

For you, who always want the best.
Choose Nokta Legend!

Simultaneous multi

4 search modes

Sturdy, compact and submersible

Underwater up to 3 mt

IronCheck System

Powerful and performing

full screen.

The Nokta Legend is the latest model produced by the Instabul company.
The Legend offers exceptional performance in any type of research and environment, both terrestrial and aquatic.
It can be used in two modes:

  • single frequency (4, 10, 15, 20 e 40 kHz)
  • simultaneous multi-frequency

Robust but light, weighs just 1.3kg!
Multipurpose, powerful and intuitive. The Legend is the ideal detector for the most demanding seekers!

Backlit screen
For use in low light conditions
4 Search modes
Maximum flexibility
Ground balance
Suitable for any soil condition

Recovery Speed

The recovery speed is a strong point that allows the Legend to stand out from other metal detectors.

The 10 signal modes adjustable with the machine, from slowest (1) to fastest (10)

A huge power.

Thanks to its 4 search modes:

  • PARK

The ideal for a targeted search, as the difference between the modes is in the internal filtering system of the signal and in the different management of ferrous signals.

11"DD Coil

The 11"DD Coil, supplied as standard with the Legend, is perfect for searches on any type of terrain, even definitely mineralized.

Standard on The Legend
Extraordinary depth

6"DD Coil

The 6"DD Coil is suitable for locating coins, rings and small objects in narrow and difficult to reach places thanks to its small size.

It is also ideal for searching for very small objects, such as tiny gold nuggets.

Ideal for the bush
Excellent separation

13,5x12,5"DD Coil

The 13,5x12,5"DD Coil, make it an extraordinary coil for detecting objects at incredible depths.

The exceptional ground cover coordinated with a good separation of the objects make it definitely indispensable for any detectorist who wants superior performance from his detector

Perfect for relic hunting
Refined discrimination
Exceptional coverage

Discover all the
Legend models

The Legend is available in 3 versions, find the version that suits you best!
» The Legend
» Legend WHP
» Legend WHP Pro Pack

With these complete solutions you can quickly and easily start finding your first treasures!

Legend accessories

Don't you know what accessories to put in your "equipment" as a detectorist?

Discover the wide range of accessories related to this metal detector!
Perfect your equipment with the The Legend of Nokta !

But the accessories dedicated to the Legend are:
» Headphones
» Display covers
» T-Shirt