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    All Black Backpack Bag

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    Universal Transport All Black Bag/Backpack.

    For disassembled metal detectors of any brand.

    Allows you to also bring all the accessories you need to look for :

    • Pinpointer
    • Keepers bag
    • Digging knife
    • Extra batteries
    • Gloves
    • Bottle

    Extremely resistant to abrasions, has sturdy rust-resistant hinges.

    It has 2 comfortable outer pockets, transport handles and 2 shoulder pads for backpack use.

    Tech Specs

    • Length 77 cm
    • Width 40 cm
    • Fits all metal detector models
    • Requires to disassemble the metal detector
    • Hand or shoulder transport
    • Extra Pockets for accessories


    • For disassembled detectors
    • External pockets
    • Sturdy materials

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    All Black Backpack Bag


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