The APEX di Garrett

Elevate your search
to the highest level.
Choose Garrett APEX!

Multi-Flex technology

6 search modes

Excellent depth of relief

Maximum handling

Extreme sensitivity

Top level performance

The most famous
in the world

The Garrett APEX represents the "pinnacle" of the Texan company‘s famous ACE series.
Thanks to the Multi-Flex technology, it can operate in simultaneous multi-frequency for maximum performance on all types of objects and metals.

Easy to set up, it has excellent detection depth and precision in identifying targets by discriminating against metal trash.

APEX is the first Garrett metal detector to be equipped with simultaneous multi-frequency and mono-frequency.
Equipped with 4 single operating frequencies:

  • 5 kHz
  • 10 kHz
  • 15 kHz
  • 20 kHz

and two modes with simultaneous multi-frequency (one of which is optimized for sea research), is the latest generation metal detector within the reach of every wallet but which offers truly remarkable performance!

Backlit screen
For use in low light conditions
6 Frequency Modes
Maximum flexibility
Ground balance
Suitable for any target

The display

The APEX display is very complete and easy to read , provides valuable information on both active settings and detected objects.

Equipped with backlight and based on custom LCD technology, it is clearly visible even in low light conditions.

Multiflex, discover
the advantage of Apex

The GARRETT APEX are distinguished from other metal detectors (of the same price range) thanks to the exclusive Multi-Flex technology.

This high-performance technology, developed by Garrett, uses a wide range of frequencies simultaneously for provide top performance on all types of terrain (even on the shoreline!) and allows you to easily detect any type of metal object, both small and medium-sized with extreme sensitivity.

research in shoreline

Apex also has a special mode, the Multi-Salt, optimized to obtain:

  • exceptional performance
  • incredible stability

on the shoreline, where seawater usually creates great disturbances to other metal detectors.

Raider Coil

The Raider ™ Coil, Double D type, offers an exceptional compromise between depth and ability to target separation.

With its patented design, it is an excellent choice to obtain great performances even in mineralized soils.

Lightweight and smart
Excellent distraction

Viper Coil

The Viper™ Coil, with an innovative 6 "x11" oval shape, guarantees excellent depth of detection and great versatility of use and gives great satisfaction on all terrains, even the most complicated.

Light and compact, it is perfect both in areas with a high concentration of scrap metal and for open fields.

Sensitive and smart

Reaper Coil

The Reaper™ Coil, is perfect for finding relics.
Sturdy, waterproof and large in size.

Excellent depth
Great coverage
Excellent sensitivity

Ripper Coil

The Ripper™ Coil 5x8" DD Multi-Flex is ONLY compatible with APEX.
It is able to make a difference in dense thickets or in highly mineralized soils infested with metal rubbish.

Exceptional separation
Ultra sensitive
For confined spaces

Discover all the models

APEX is available in 3 versions, find the version that suits you best!
» APEX Wireless
» APEX J.R. Edition

With these complete solutions you can quickly and easily start finding your first treasures!

Essential accessories
for research

Don't you know what accessories to put in your "equipment" as a detectorist?

As time goes by, each seeker fine-tunes their equipment to suit their needs.

But the most useful accessories for each type of research are:
» Pinpointer
» Plate covers
» Digging tools