Speed ​​up target finding with the Garrett pinpointer
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    • pinpointer garrett pro pointer at

    Garrett Pro-Pointer AT

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    The Pro-Pointer AT™ will ease your searches and quicken target pinpointing in the holes. Suitable for every environment, its fully waterproof up to 3 meters in fresh or saltwater.

    Thanks to the ability to set 3 levels of sensitivity, it allows the hunter to adapt its use in all terrain conditions.

    An advanced microprocessor deals with the automatic calibration of the Pro-Pointer AT, making its use even easier and more immediate.

    The pinpointer is sensitive both at the tip and sideways, to make it as easy as possible to recover targets in the holes.

    Guide to using the Pro Pointer AT

    The Pro-Pointer AT is equipped with acoustic and vibration signaling, both proportional to the target's distance.
    If you want you can exclude the audio to have the discreet vibration only.

    With the built-in LED flashlight it will be possible to use this pinpointer even in low light conditions.

    The Pro-Pointer AT features a convenient transport holster that can be attached to your belt and features a measurement scale on the side to determine the target's depth during excavation.

    Discover also the indispensable Safety Lanyard, excellent product that guarantees protection from the risk of losing our precious Pro Pointer, making it easy to move and use and avoiding the risk of forgetting it and not taking it with you.


    • Multipurpose use: finds hidden objects in home walls, metallic pipes and wood pre-cut
    • Waterproof IP 68 up to 3 meters
    • Battery: 1 x 9V (included)

    Guide to using the Pro Pointer AT

    Why use a pinpointer in research?

    The use of the pinpointer is necessary to make the recovery phase of the objects, sometimes buried, faster and more precise, once excavation has begun with the shovel.


    • Audio and Vibration
    • Fully water submersible
    • 3 Sensitivity levels

    Data sheet

    Up to 6 meters
    200 gr
    12 kHz
    3 Levels
    Exclusive Features
    Audio, Vibration or both

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    pinpointer garrett pro pointer at

    Garrett Pro-Pointer AT


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