Nokta Simplex

Nokta Simplex
the unrivalled metal detectors

Maximum handling

Automatic balancing

Preset search modes

Modern designs

Extreme sensitivity

Submersibles up to 5m

Simplex, performance
for everyone

The real Best Sellers with an unbeatable a price/performance ratio!

  • Powerful
  • Versatile
  • Easy to use

The Simplex metal detectors are ideal for beginners and for searchers of all experience levels who want an instrument that goes very deep but without 'going crazy' with complicated settings.

Made with excellent quality materials and weighing only 1.2kg doesn't tire it can be used both on land and at sea with excellent performance. Completely waterproof, you can also use it in fresh or salt water up to a depth of 5 meters.
In addition, it is also easily updatable via computer."

Backlit Screen
For use in low light conditions
Higher performance
Greater depth of detection
Autonomy of 17 hours
Equipped with lithium batteries for endless searches

The display

Equipped with

  • backlit display
  • simplified interface
  • predefined settings

make acquiring the basic functions, the Simplexes, much easier!

your search

The Nokta Simplex has 5 search modes, to offer the maximum performance in all conditions:

Ideal for plowed fields or other types of land with little metallic garbage. It offers top performance and effective discrimination of ferrous objects.

Recommended for searches in parks or other places where there is more like scrap metal or other metallic garbage. It offers very good depth and thanks to the 3 audio tones, it allows the user to intuitively understand the type of metal detected from the detector.

This variant of the previous PARK1 is even more reactive and faster. Its use is recommended in soils that are really contaminated by metallic garbage in order to be able to easily find valid objects among the undesirable ones

The most suitable setting for searching dry, wet and dry beach even in complete immersion. Thanks to its extended mineralization balancing system, it keeps the machine stable and performing by canceling the disturbances caused by the mineralization sea water.

For more experienced seekers, this mode detects all types of metal and does not discriminate anything. It allows the top performance, especially on really tiny or ultra-thin objects.

Discover all the models

The Simplexs are available in 3 versions, find the version that suits you best!
» Simplex LITE
» Simplex BT
» Simplex ULTRA

Thanks to these complete solutions you can start practising metal detecting quickly and easily!

Essential accessories
for research

Don't you know what accessories to put in your "equipment" as a detectorist?

As time goes by, each seeker fine-tunes his equipment to suit his needs.

But the most useful accessories for each type of research are:
» Pulsedive Scuba Detector
» Nokta BT Headphones
» Camo Bag
» Plastic sand scoop