Minelab Manticore

Dream big
Dream Manticore!

Multi-IQ+ technology

12 preset programs

Excellent depth

Maximum handling

Extreme sensitivity

Top level performance

The best of
Minelab house

The brand new Minelab Manticore is the most powerful multi-frequency simultaneous metal detector on the market.

  • a very light and robust mechanics
  • a carbon fiber structure
  • IP68 certified (up to 5 mt)

and is immersible in fresh or salt water.

With its 12 preset programs, which can be modified by the user, the Manticore offers outstanding performance:

  • unbeatable depth
  • excellent target identification
  • unparalleled discrimination

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Backlit screen
For use in low light conditions
2D identification mode
High precision thanks to the 2D graph
LED flashlight
Ideal for searches with limited visibility

The display

The active matrix color graphic LCD display offers reliable and complete information on the detected targets.

Equipped with backlighting, it allows the use of the metal detector even in low light conditions.

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50% more power

Based on patented Multi-IQ+ technology, to date the Manticore incorporates the most advanced and performing simultaneous multifrequency, capable of detecting all types of targets:

  • military items
  • coins
  • jewels

and relics down to the smallest nuggets of native gold.

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The Coil

The new DD11" Coil, Double D type, offers an exceptional compromise between depth and ability to target separation.

From the patented design to go in search it can be used both on all types of terrain and in water (waterproof up to 5mt, IP68).
The supplied coil is precise, it is an excellent choice for obtaining great performance in research.

Lightweight and smart
Excellent coverage
Great separation
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BT Headphones

With the wireless headphones specially designed to reduce external noise and through the preset audio controls, you can clearly identify the targets.

Combined with the exclusive vibration signal function in the handle, wireless headphones are ideal for maximum control when searching.

Maximum control

Essential accessories
for research

Don't you know what accessories to put in your "equipment" as a detectorist?

As time goes by, each seeker fine-tunes his equipment to suit his needs.

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But the most useful accessories for each type of research are:
» Pinpointer Pro-Find 35
» Kit Gold Pro
» Pro Swing 45 Sling

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