Minelab Vanquish

Minelab Vanquish
for Every Adventure

Multi-IQ technology

Easy to Use

Excellent depth

Lightweight and Compact Design

Outstanding performance

High Sensitivity and Accuracy

Minelab Equinox: The High-Performance Multi-Frequency Metal Detector

Discover the Vanquish Series, the metal detectors from Minelab that have revolutionised the way we explore and discover hidden treasures.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Intuitive

The Vanquish Series is known for its advanced technology and high versatility, these devices are designed to provide exceptional search experiences for everyone from beginners to experts.

Advanced Audio Control
It will be possible to assess the size and depth of the target
Lightweight and Compact
Equipped with a lithium battery, it provides 12 hours of autonomy
Comfortable and Powerful
The battery life is 12 hours

The display

  • Clear
  • Intuitive
  • Elegant

The LCD display of the Vanquish series stands out in the world of metal detecting for its unique design, easily recognizable, symbol of quality and innovation.

Revolutionising Research with Multi-IQ Technology

Multi-IQ Simultaneous Multi-Frequency Technology represents an incredible advancement in the world of metal detectors. This revolutionary technology allows the Vanquish series to operate on multiple frequencies simultaneously, offering superior detection capability in different types of terrain and conditions.
Multi-IQ dramatically improves the accuracy and efficiency in locating metal objects, making the search more productive and exciting.

Discover all the models

The Vanquish Series consists of 4 models, find out which model is right for you!
» Vanquish 340
» Vanquish 440
» Vanquish 540
» Vanquish 540 Pro-Pack

Discover the pleasure of research with the Vanquish series!


The Minelab Vanquish 340 is an ideal model for those new to the world of metal detecting. With its limited set of controls, it offers an intuitive and quick approach.
It features 3 pre-set search modes: COINS, JEWELRY, and ALL METAL.

Multi-IQ Technology
Waterproof Coil
Italian Video Guide


The Vanquish 440 is a metal detector with 12-level discrimination and adjustable sensitivity across 10 settings. Search modes include RELIC for relic enthusiasts and a customizable CUSTOM mode.
It is equipped with wired headphones, making it more suitable for intermediate users.

Multi-IQ Technology
Waterproof Coil
Audio Control


Lightweight carbon fibre construction, advanced audio control and target separation accuracy thanks to Recovery Speed and Iron Bias make the Equinox 700 an outstanding metal detector among Minelab products.
With both single and multi-frequency options and an integrated lithium battery, it provides complete control and autonomy of more than 12 hours

Audio control
Multi-IQ Technology

Discover Vanquish search coil

V12 DD Vanquish Coil

The Minelab V12 Search Coil, compatible with all the Vanquish series metal detectors, is distinguished by its 12" x 9" double D configuration.
This coil is ideal for searching in contaminated areas and challenging sites, both on land and in water.

Wide Coverage
Precise Detection
Waterproof up to 1m

10 DD Vanquish Coil

The Minelab V10 Coil, compatible with all Vanquish series metal detectors, is a versatile accessory for metal detecting enthusiasts.
Its 10" x 7" size in a Double-D configuration makes it suitable for all types of searches, on all terrains and for all targets.

Sturdy and Lightweight
Waterproof up to 1m

Vanquish V8 DD Coil

The Minelab V8 DD Coil is an essential accessory for those looking to expand their search capabilities.
It stands out for its ability to precisely detect small-sized objects, even in complex and challenging environments.

Exceptional Precision
Lightweight and Compact
Waterproof up to 1m

Essential accessories
for research

Undecided on what accessories to add to your detectorist equipment?

Over time, each enthusiast refines his/her equipment in response to personal needs

But the most useful accessories for each type of research are:
» Pinpointer Pro-Find 40
» Vanquish's bag
» Excavation Tools