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The metal detector for large depths is the ideal tool if you need to inspect the soil in depth.
The peculiarity of these metal detectors is that they are based on VLF or Pulse Induction technologies, ensuring maximum performance even in the most mineralized soils.
The specific design, of the large depth detectors, allows to detect medium-large metal masses such as:

  • underground cavities
  • war relics
  • buried pipes
ignoring at the same time the small and annoying metal splinters, nails, small scrap metal etc.

Metal detector

Metal detectors for great depths are mainly intended for professional users who need these tools for surveys that go far beyond those of common hobby models.
Designed to detect metal objects at very high depths (even over 10 meters) they are the ideal tools for:

  • Archaeologists
  • Geologists
  • Plumbers
  • Operators for military demining and EOD removals

Some models are even able to indicate the targets detected in 3D, also providing the geometric shape and accurately indicating the estimated depth.

Main Characteristics

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Professional use

Deep metal detectors are ideal for professional detection of pipes and cavities

Pipe detection

Metal detectors detect medium-large metal masses, therefore insensitive to small scraps

Cavity detection

Metal detectors are able to detect caves, cellars, underground tunnels at very high depths (over 6 meters)

Advanced technology

The detectors are based on VLF or Pulse Induction technology ensuring performance on any type of terrain

Very powerful

Deep metal detectors offer high accuracy in the centering of metal objects

Easy to use

The intuitive interface of the metal allow you to do your job in a simple way

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What is the difference between metal detectors for large depths and georadar?

Metal detectors for large depths are based on the "pulse induction" or "VLF" (Very Low Frequency) system where through the physical laws of magnetic induction, the technology is able to give different signals in response depending on the frequencies used to the various types of metals and the ground in which they are located.

Georadars, on the other hand, emit a wide range of frequencies that, depending on the material they cross, have variations that are then read by an antenna. In particular, georadars do not distinguish a metal object from a stone, but only manage to signal the anomalies that are in the ground.

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