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    Nomad Mini is a new and great dive product from the brand BLU3, this is a miniature Nomad with similar portability specs as the Nemo but with added depth performance. The best features of the Nemo and Nomad products have been combined, obtaining the Nomad Mini: a great performance product, ideal for expert divers.

    Nomad Mini is a portable tankless dive system, designed for depth

    • up to 3 meter with one battery
    • up to 4,5 meter when used with a DiveBoost ™ kit.

    The DiveBoost Kit allows you to connect a second battery to the unit, increasing dive time.

    Nomad Mini is extremely easy to use and perfect for those who want to try a new diving experience: the system floats on the surface like a buoy and supplies compressed air through a tube.

    Duration is critical. The Nomad Mini's air pump resists saltwater intrusion without damage: all of its components are corrosion resistant and simple to maintain.

    What allows Nomad Mini to be so compact, energy efficient and responsive is the Smart Reg™: inside this, a silicone diaphragm it moves when the diver breathes. A waterproof sensor measures the movement of the diaphragm, then sends an electronic signal that triggers the compressor to pump air at exactly the time and speed with which the diver is inhaling.

    The DiveBoost™ kit allows the use of more than one battery at a time so you can dive longer without having to replace it, plus operation with multiple batteries also increases airflow and depth rating.

    If you already own a NEMO device, you can use the same battery you used for it in your new Nomad Mini: these Nemo/Nomad Mini batteries are still easier to transport than Nomad batteries because they are less than 100 Wh.

    Nomad Mini allows use of:

    • of the float tube
    • of the dry bag float
    • neither or both

    depending on the situation and conditions.

    Standard equipment

    • Body Motor
      DiveBoost kit
      Inflatable Float for Motor Body
      Air Hose with Mouthpiece
      Signalling flag
      Air draft rod
      Rechargeable battery with charger
      Carrying backpack

    Who can use NOMAD Mini?


    NOMAD Mini uses powerful magnets, which can interfere with Pacemakers or Medical Implants.

    It is recommended that people carrying Pacemakers or Medical Implants generally do not use NOMAD Mini for any reason, and to stay at a minimum distance of 1 meter from the device. 


    • For experienced divers
    • Kit DiveBoost™ included
    • Smart Reg™ intelligent system

    Data sheet

    Battery Run Time
    35-40 minutes per battery
    Maximum Dive Depth
    3-4.6 meters
    Intended Sea States
    WMO Sea State Code 0, 1, 2
    Total Weight
    12lbs / 5.4kg
    Battery Type
    Lithium Ion
    Battery Charger Input Voltage
    100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
    Compressor Type
    Oil-less Brush-less DC Diaphragm Pump
    Heat Management
    Water cooling
    Safety Protection
    Over-current, Over-temperature, Under-voltage, Reverse Air Flow
    User Feedback
    Battery Level Gauge, Low Battery Behavior
    Dive Flag Options
    Gas Type

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    NOMAD Mini

    1,599.00 €
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