Nomad Battery

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    The Nomad spare battery is the best solution when doing long underwater searches. Small, practical and compact, the spare battery will allow you to dive for up to 60 consecutive minutes.

    The LED display at the top of the battery will make it possible to monitor the state of charge of the battery.

    Thanks to the practical dimensions studied by Blu3, it is possible to carry the battery even in the hand luggage of the plane, as its power is equal to 144W.

    With the spare battery for the Nomad the fun will never end!

    Tech Specs

    • Compact
    • Up to 60' of autonomy
    • IP67 waterproof
    • Power 144W
    • Dimensioni: 13 x 8 x 7 cm


    • User-friendly
    • Compact
    • Up to 60 'of autonomy

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    Nomad Battery

    399.00 €

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