Sandscoop with handle SX24

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    This steel sandscoop is light and robust.
    Equipped with an antislip handle which ensures a sure and safe grip.

    Very useful for target recovery like:

    • coins
    • earrings
    • gold nuggets

    Used to dig in sand, rivers and streams especially among the rocks.

    Tech Specs

    • Stainless Steel 1.5 mm thick
    • Weight: 0.93 kg
    • Scoop height: 10 cm
    • Scoop length: 24.5 cm
    • Scoop width: 16 cm
    • Hole size: 1.1 cm

    Why using a sandscoop?

    If you want to be sure to don't come home empty-handed, this is the right tool!

    Because of its lightness you can use it for the entire duration of the search without fatigue.
    It will help you in not visible to the naked eye target recovery , so you can improve your search and make it more interesting.


    • Stainless Steel made
    • Robust
    • Handy

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    Sandscoop with handle SX24


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