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    The PRO-POINTER II will ease your life in pinpointing small targets on the field. This very sensitive pinpointer has an acoustic signal and a vibration and doesn’t need any calibration.
    Furthermore, it features an anti-lost acoustic alarm: if the PRO-POINTER II is left turned on unattended for more than 5 minutes, it will start to “beep” for 60 minutes.

    • Quick search mode: The “no-motion” search mode will boost the small targets detection
    • Proportional audio and vibration: The closer you get to the target, the louder and strong it will be signalled!
    • Automatic tuning: The embedded microprocessor will allow the best sensitivity without the need of any calibration
    • 360° Pinpointing: It could use its tip and side to detect even the smallest target in the ground
    • Garrett’s top quality: Ihe ideal companion for every in-land metal detector.
    • Included Flashlight: For low light condition searches.
    • Included Holster: Clip it to your belt for comfortable use
    • Multipurpose: It can also find hidden targets in the walls or narrow places. Also useful for home pipe’s tracking or wood pre-cut checkings.
    • Patented “Scraping Blade”: Thanks to its patented design, you could “scratch” the soil from dirt and leaves to quickly find your valuable targets.
    • Waterproof: PRO-POINTER II could be washed under tap water or used during rain but not be submerged.
    • Battery: 9V (Included)
    • Protection Rating: IEC 60529 IP 66 compliant, for water and dust protection.

    Are you afraid to lose your pro pointer?

    The indispensable Safety Lanyard is for you! It is a great product aimed at protecting you from the risk of losing your pro pointer, maintaining its ease of movement and use and avoiding you to forget it and not have it with you during your searches.

    What is the difference between a metal detector and a pinpointer?

    In reality, the pinpointer is a small, more manageable and precise metal detector.

    The pinpointer and the metal detector are 2 tools that complement each other: in the first phase of research the metal detector is used to identify the target, in the second the pinpointer helps us to locate it punctually, especially when it is hidden:

    • in small holes
    • among the leaves
    • in the mud
    • in the sand.


    • No-motion technology
    • Anti-lost feature
    • Self adjusting

    Data sheet

    Rain proof
    12 kHz
    1 level
    Exclusive Features
    Audio and Vibration

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    129.00 €

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