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Excavation Pro Kit

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The “Excavation Pro Kit” is perfect for detecting enthusiasts who love exploring terrains in search of lost items.
This kit includes all the necessary tools to uncover the most hidden objects underground.

The All Black S40 pickaxe is extremely sturdy and durable, thanks to its construction in high-quality steel.
The All black search gloves, made of rip-resistant material, protect and keep your hands warm during the search.
The camo pouch allows you to comfortably carry the entire kit when you're on the move and provides plenty of pockets to store the items you've found.

If you're a detecting enthusiast, the “Excavation Pro Kit” provides everything you need to turn your hobby into a real adventure!

What's Included

  • All Black S40 Pickaxe
  • Garrett Camo Finds Pouch
  • All Black Phantom 100 Gloves


  • Kit with everything you need!
  • Pickaxe, Camo Pouch, and Gloves
  • Upgrade your arsenal

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Excavation Pro Kit

81.90 € 73.71 €

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