Minelab Bluetooth headphones ML-105

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    The Minelab ML-105 headphones represent the ultimate audio accessory for metal detecting enthusiasts. By utilizing advanced wireless technology, these headphones deliver superior high-quality audio compared to standard Bluetooth, significantly enhancing performance during searches.

    The key feature of the ML 105 headphones is their compatibility with the following metal detectors:

    ensuring an optimal experience with a wide range of Minelab devices.

    In addition to providing high-definition audio, the headphones are designed to be ergonomic and lightweight, ensuring maximum comfort during extended search sessions. Furthermore, the headphones come with a premium carrying case to protect them during transport and keep them in perfect condition.

    Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your search experience. Choose the Minelab ML 105 headphones and discover a new level of precision and speed in your searches.

    Why use wireless headphones when searching with your Minelab metal detector?

    The Minelab Wireless Headphones represent an advantageous choice for metal detector users, bringing significant improvements to the search experience. With the absence of cables, freedom of movement increases, allowing for greater flexibility when exploring large areas or rugged terrain.

    The lack of distractions resulting from the cables allows for greater concentration on the sounds emitted by the metal detector, improving the ability to identify weak signals. The ergonomically advanced design of the wireless headphones offers superior comfort, reducing fatigue during extended research sessions.

    Additionally, the silent communication between the detector and the user is ideal for noise-sensitive environments or situations where you want to maintain peace of mind. Many wireless headphones are equipped with advanced audio technologies, such as noise cancellation, which improve the perception of the sounds emitted by the metal detector, increasing the precision in identifying objects.

    Choosing wireless headphones not only optimizes the effectiveness of the search, but also makes the whole experience more comfortable and focused.


    • For various Minelab metal detectors
    • Unprecedented wireless audio
    • Lightweight and resistant

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    Minelab Bluetooth headphones ML-105

    184.00 €

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