Transport Bag Minelab

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    The Minelab transport bag is a large capacity bag of the Australian brand Minelab.

    A bag of this scope, is able to accompany every detectorist and its reliable metal Minelab, looking anywhere, thanks to its convenient and versatile design.

    Provided with large space inside to insert different types of metal detectors Minelab and able to withstand a large amount of weight, the bag can be a great help for the detectorist who needs to transport his metal and various accessories from one place to another, in an attempt to conclude his research.

    Created for all Minelab metal detector models:

    • Manticore
    • Equinox 600, 700, 800 and 900
    • Vanquish 340, 440, 540
    • Gold Monster 1000
    • Go find 22, 44, 66
    • GPX 5000, 6000
    • GPZ 7000
    • CTX 3030


    • For all Minelab metal detectors
    • Robust and Elegant
    • Essential

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    Transport Bag Minelab


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