Minelab Gloves

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    The Minelab Gloves are the fantastic alternative for those who are passionate about this brand and want to start searching in different environments in maximum comfort and safety.

    The padding and the delicately worked material of the Minelab Gloves allow a firm and non-slip grip and great resistance to different weather conditions and many external agents

    The quality material makes digging and using tools such as

    Being composed of synthetic leather and Spandex, with the Minelab Gloves protect your hands has never been easier! Choose the Minelab Gloves and make your walks and outings in search with metal detectors a pleasant and dynamic moment, also protecting you from different seasonal climates.

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    • Firm and non-slip grip
    • Ideal for the winter
    • Comfortable and delicate material

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    Minelab Gloves