vanquish platecover
    • vanquish platecover

    V8 Plate cover for Minelab Vanquish

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    Protecting the Minelab V8 Vanquish Platecover is an essential accessory for all metal detecting enthusiasts who want to keep their equipment in optimal condition. Specifically designed to fit the Minelab Vanquish V8 coil, this protection is crafted with high-quality materials and provides robust defense against damage caused by

    • impacts
    • scratches
    • weather conditions

    during search sessions.

    Constructed from impact-resistant plastic, the Minelab V8 Vanquish Platecover protection easily attaches to the bottom of the search coil, offering reliable coverage without compromising depth detection or interfering with signals during detection. Additionally, thanks to its sturdy construction, this protection ensures long-lasting durability, ensuring that your search coil remains safe and protected for many future adventures.

    Not only does it safeguard your equipment, but it also provides peace of mind during your search sessions, allowing you to fully focus on your discoveries without worrying about coil damage. With the Minelab V8 Vanquish Platecover, you can explore new grounds and search for targets limitlessly, knowing that your equipment is shielded by one of the most reliable and robust accessories available on the market.

    Why Use a Coil Cover for Your Metal Detector Coil Protection?

    Using a Vanquish coil cover for your metal detector is an essential practice to ensure the maximum protection of the search coil. This accessory provides effective defense against:

    • scratches
    • impacts
    • damage

    resulting from wear and tear during search sessions. By keeping your equipment safe, the Vanquish coil cover contributes to extending its lifespan, ensuring greater precision in your searches. Not only does it protect your metal detector, but it also preserves its value in the long run. Investing in a coil cover is a wise decision that allows you to continue making quality finds during your metal detecting adventures, without worrying about damage that could compromise your tool's performance.


    • For Minelab V8 coil
    • Scratch-resistant
    • Secure and durable

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    V8 Plate cover for Minelab Vanquish

    19.50 €

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