V8 DD Coil
    • V8 DD Coil

    V8 DD Coil

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    The V8 DD Plate Minelab, perfectly compatible with all metal detectors in the Vanquish, is a essential accessory for those who want to extend their research capabilities. Included in the standard delivery of the Vanquish 540 Pro-Pack, this plate is suitable for any type of research, a capacity that makes it versatile for all targets and terrains. With dimensions of 8"x 5" in a Double-D configuration, it stands out for its ability to precisely detect small objects , even in complex and challenging terrain. Its construction waterproof up to 1 meter ensures reliable performance in humid environments or underwater. The protective plate cover V8 included protects the straightener, prolonging its useful life and keeping it in optimal conditions for a long time.


    • For all Vanquish
    • Waterproof
    • For small targets

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    V8 DD Coil


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