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Minelab Pro-Find 40 with gloves

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The Minelab Pro-Find 40 Pinpointer is the ultimate innovation for metal detecting enthusiasts. It offers advanced performance and a durable design to significantly enhance your detecting experience. In this kit, Phantom Gloves are included to protect your hands during the most challenging phases of the search!

With a detection depth improved by 10% compared to the Pro-Find 35, its predecessor, the Pro-Find 40 is able to locate buried targets even at depth greater, guaranteeing you extraordinary results in each research session.

A quick retuning function allows you to quickly adapt to changing terrain conditions, constantly optimizing performance and reducing the negative effects of interference.

Stability and accuracy are maximized for precise location of detected objects, saving you valuable time and effort during your searches.

The adjustable sensitivity, with 5 levels of adjustment, allows you to customize the settings according to your preferences and the characteristics of the terrain, ensuring optimal operation in every situation.

The Pro-Find 40 is designed to simplify your search process. Equipped with a lost alarm, it will emit a sound after a period of inactivity, while the bright red body makes it easy to spot even in low light conditions.

Also, thanks to the Ferrous Tone ID function, you can easily distinguish between valuables and metallic trash, focusing only on the discoveries that matter.

Trust Detectorshop, a well-known and trusted brand in the industry, to reveal hidden finds with the Pinpointer Pro-Find 40. Visit our website to be among the first to find out all the news regarding this extraordinary tool. The passion for research unites us, and Detectorshop is at your side in this exciting adventure.

Tech Specs

  • DIF Technology
  • Ferrous Tone ID functionality
  • Waterproof up to 3 meters
  • Audio and vibration alarm
  • Front LED flashlight
  • 5 levels of sensitivity adjustment
  • Quick retune function
  • Holster and wrist strap included

Standard Equipment

  • Pro-Find 40 Pointer
  • Phantom gloves included!
  • Multilingual instructions
  • Holster
  • 9V PP3 battery
  • Lanyard to tie the pointer to the wrist

How should a good pinpointer be?

A good pinpointer for metal detector searches is essential for any metal detecting enthusiast.

Key features of a high quality pinpointer include:

  • accuracy in identifying the exact location of the object
  • adjustable sensitivity to adapt to different terrain conditions
  • quick response to signals to locate targets with ease
  • detection depth to access buried objects even at greater depths.

Moreover, signal stability and a long battery life ensure an efficient and rewarding search. With a pinpointer of these characteristics, enthusiasts can experience exciting adventures and enthusiastically discover hidden targets.


  • 5 levels of sensitivity adjustment
  • Phantom Gloves included!
  • Front LED flashlight

Data sheet

Up to 3mt
Adjustable and to choose between 5 levels
Number Audio Tones
Exclusive Features
Ferrous Tone ID
Manufacturer Code

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Minelab Pro-Find 40 with gloves

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