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Supreme Attraction Kit - Magnet Fishing

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The Supreme Attraction Kit is an excellent solution for those who have been familiar with fishing magnets and magnetic fishing for a long time and need powerful tools to practice it. This magnet fishing kit comes with 2 strong magnets, reliable gloves, and a strong rope for your underwater adventures.

Magnet Classic 400

  • The Magnete Classic 400 is a screw eye magnet that embodies strength and robustness.
  • Weighing 800g, this magnet can easily lift a wide range of objects from the depths of the abyss.
  • Made of neodymium, it offers a maximum traction force of 400 kg.
  • Excellent for experts who want to explore and discover all types of objects hidden in the depths of various aquatic environments.
  • Extraordinary for use in rivers, lakes and beaches.

Magnet Beast Magnetar 

  • The name says it all: the Magnet Beast by Magnetar is one of the most powerful magnets that experienced Magnet Fishing enthusiasts can aspire to use.
  • With a 360° magnetic field, it is considered the most powerful magnet from the Magnetar company and is only recommended for true experts.
  • Completely made of 100% neodymium, The Beast offers a traction force of 1400 kg on each side.
  • Its considerable weight allows it to reach great depths after casting, easily overcoming obstacles such as mud, silt, currents and rocks.
  • The Beast is ideal for expert magnet fishing enthusiasts who wish to capture hidden objects in the most remote depths.
  • Recommended only for those who thoroughly understand the practice and tools used in the hobby.

8mm Magnetar string

  • The 8 mm Magnetar rope, specially designed for Magnet fishing activities, is the perfect accessory for practicing this hobby.
  • Its robust polyester structure offers a breaking load of 1300 kg, ensuring maximum safety.
  • Easy to handle and cast, it is compatible with any magnet from magnet fishing.

Triton gloves

  • Triton gloves are specially designed to protect your hands from small splinters or sharp objects during Magnet fishing activities.
  • Made of nylon and latex, they offer complete protection of the hands, during magnet fishing, from sharp and rusty objects during the target recovery phase.
  • 100% waterproof, they keep your hands dry during your adventures.


The Allaround 360° magnet included in this kit, i.e. the Beast Magnetar magnet, has a double magnetic side and is extremely powerful. We recommend handling it with care to avoid accidents.

Discover the underwater world with our Supreme Attraction Kit for Magnet Fishing. The supreme choice for exploring and capturing hidden treasures in aquatic environments!

Standard equipment

  • Magnet Classic 400
  • Magnet Beast Magnetar
  • 8mm Magnetar string
  • Triton gloves

Technical Characteristics

  • For expert Magnet Fishing practitioners
  • To be handled with care
  • 2 magnets included
  • Free rope and gloves

Magnet Fishing Guide


  • For experts
  • Magnet Beast included
  • Free rope and gloves

Discover the Magnet Fishing

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Supreme Attraction Kit - Magnet Fishing

305.80 € 285.00 €

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