The Beast, the beast of magnets!

    The Beast Magnetar

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    The name of the magnet says it all, this magnet is a beast!

    The Beast is the ideal magnet for those who have been practicing Magnet Fishing for many years, it has a 360° magnetic attraction, this magnet is considered the most powerful of the Magnetar house and is recommended only for the most experienced.

    Made of 100% neodymium, The Beast has a pulling force of 1400kg on each side and its considerable weight allows it (once launched) to reach much deeper than smaller magnets and easily attracted objects in any underwater condition (mud, silt, current, rock).

    The Beast is perfect for experienced magnet fishing lovers because with this magnet they can capture deeper, more difficult to find objects present on the deep and hidden seabed.

    The Beast is only recommended for the more experienced, this magnet requires additional care.

    Great for magnet fishing in rivers, lakes and beaches!

    Tech Specs

    • Magnet for experts
    • Pure neodymium magnet
    • Magnet with eyelet

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