Detech Ultimate 9" Plate for Relic Striker

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    Try the fantastic Detech Ultimate 9" Plate for Relic Striker!

    This Detech Ultimate 9" plate is compatible with the Detech Relic Striker. Thanks to its compact size and its light weight (about 450 grams), it will make your detector very agile, fast and will allow a centering and separation of exceptional targets.

    Its use is also strongly recommended on extremely mineralized soils and polluted by scrap metal.

    Featuring excellent depth, compared to traditional DD plates, the patented Ultimate technology offers more stable operation, better ground balance and more accurate target identification.

    The plate is completely submersible in water and is equipped with a protective plate cover.

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    • For Relic Striker
    • Great coverage
    • Excellent depth

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    Detech Ultimate 9" Plate for Relic...


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