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    • manticore platecover

    M8 plate cover for Minelab Manticore

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    Protect your search coil with the Manticore platecover. This platecover is designed to safeguard your Minelab Manticore's precious coil from

    • scratches
    • scuffs

    that may occur during your search sessions. Even when you're careful, rocks, pieces of metal, and other objects can easily damage the delicacy of the Minelab Manticore's search coil. With the Manticore platecover, reduce the potential damage to your coil while ensuring its detection capability remains uncompromised.

    Add reliable protection to your Minelab Manticore and its search coil with the Minelab M8 Coil Cover for Manticore, continuing your search adventures with peace of mind and confidence, enjoying every detail and functionality of your Minelab Manticore.

    Technical Specifications

    • Fits Manticore M8 search coil.
    • 8" X 5.5" coil cover.

    Why use a Manticore platecover to Protect Your Metal Detector's Coil?

    Using a coil cover for your Minelab metal detector is an essential practice to ensure the maximum protection of the search coil. This accessory provides effective defense against:

    • scratches
    • impacts
    • damage

    resulting from wear during search sessions. By keeping your equipment safe, the Manticore platecover helps extend its lifespan, ensuring greater accuracy in your searches. Not only does it protect your metal detector, but it also preserves its value over the long term. Investing in a Manticore coil cover is a wise decision that allows you to continue making quality finds during your metal detecting adventures, without worrying about damage that could compromise your tool's performance.


    • For Minelab 8" X 5.5" coil
    • Scratch-resistant
    • Secure and durable

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    M8 plate cover for Minelab Manticore

    16.00 €

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