Pinpointer: irreplaceable in your research

A small handheld detector for big discoveries

Pinpointer: Essential accessory

A fundamental accessory that cannot be missing in the "arsenal" of every detectorist is the PINPOINTER .

These portable metal detectors allow the seeker to significantly speed up the recovery phase of the objects detected during the excavation phase, as they are:

  • Lightweight
  • Compacts
  • Robusts
the pinpointer can detect even the smallest objects inside the holes, where it is impossible to move the search coil.

Handheld metal detector

Endowed of:

  • acoustic signal
  • vibration
the pinpointer can be used on any type of terrain and, for the waterproof models , even under fresh or salt water.
The more sophisticated models also have a wireless sound module that sends sound into the wireless headphones.

Main Characteristics

DetectorShop: Everything for metal detecting

Indispensable for research

It's a valid help when it is impossible to use the plate

Easy to use

The pinpointer has few operating commands

High sensitivity

Accurately locates even the tiniest objects

Very low battery consumption

When turned on, it will sound an audible alarm if not in use

Compact, robust and reliable

Pocket-sized and equipped with sophisticated technology

Pinpointer for diving

If IP68 certified, they can also be used for research in water

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Lots of tips from our expert

The pinpointer , unlike the classic metal detectors, have a linear coil, whose copper wire windings are made around a straight rod, usually in plastic material and sometimes with a ferrous core, which allows it to detect objects both in front of the tip but also in proximity to the entire lateral part.
The usefulness of the Pinpointer lies in the fact of making the identification of the target:

  • specifies
  • quick
and with less chance of damaging the object.

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