V8X DD Coil

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    The Minelab V8X Plate, with dimensions of 8"x5.5", is the ideal compact solution for your metal detector X-Terra PRO. Designed for maximum versatility, this original searchcoil offers excellent performance in very narrow spaces, such as among vegetation, tall grass or stubble. Its double-D elliptical shape guarantees excellent separation and exceptional sensitivity to the smallest targets. With water resistance up to 5 meters (16 feet), you can explore freely even in aquatic environments. Each plate includes a plate cover for extra protection, but the end rod is not included. The V8X is the perfect choice for those looking for a compact coil with high performance in detailed research situations. Enter the world of detection with the V8X and experience a new dimension of discovery.


    • For X-Terra PRO
    • Waterproof
    • Coil cover included

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    V8X DD Coil


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