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    • simplex search coil

    9.5"x6" DD Search Coil (SX24)

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    The 9.5"x6" DD Search Coil (SX24) for metal detector Simplex is an essential addition to your metal detectors Nokta New Generation Simplex. This plate offers significant advantages in your search experience.

    Compatible with:

    With its compact dimensions, the 9.5"x6" DD Search coil (SX24) for Simplex is ideal for narrow environments. Furthermore, its being a Double D plate and at the same time compact, facilitates its ability to work excellently in terrain infested with scrap metal, thanks to its exceptional capacity to separate promising targets from the metal rubbish present.

    The plate is completely waterproof, which means that you can use it, as well as on dry ground, for research in environments such as:

    • rivers
    • lakes
    • ponds
    • sea

    The Simplex search coil is also significantly improves the sensitivity of your Simplex metal detector, allowing you to locate smaller and deeper metal objects.

    The installation of 9.5"x6" DD Search Coil (SX24) on your Simplex is simple and fast, without the need for special tools. The sturdy construction and the use of high quality materials guarantee durability over time.

    With the Simplex Search Coil for Metal Detector 9.5"x6" DD (SX24), you will be able to dramatically improve your search sessions, whether you are hunting

    • coins
    • jewels
    • finds.

    Add the 9.5"x6" DD Search Coil (SX24) to your research kit today and prepare to discover targets hidden beneath the surface with greater effectiveness and success.

    Do you need other plates for Simplex? Look for them among our best Nokta straighteners!

    Main Features

    • Can be used with Simplex New Generation
    • Suitable for various terrains
    • Ideal in places with a high concentration of metal waste
    • Plate cover included!


    • Waterproof
    • Fot New Generation Simplex
    • For many types of terrain

    Data sheet

    Detector Type
    Coil Cover
    For Simplex metal detectors
    2 Years

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    9.5"x6" DD Search Coil (SX24)

    139.00 €

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