Unmissable Nokta Legend Kit, LG30 Plate, carbon sundial rod and elbow rest, lighten your Metal detector!
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Kit for Nokta Legend, LG30 plate, central rod and elbow rest

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This essential kit consists of:

Make your Nokta The Legend even more performing, ultralight and versatile with the brand new Nokta kit.

Thanks to the LG30 plate, 12"x9" in DoubleD configuration, even lighter and powerful than the original 11" plate, the middle shaft in carbon fiber and the new very light and enveloping elbow rest, you will make your The Legend a real "monster" for research.

More depth, lighter weight and better comfort of use... This is the kit that your Nokta The Legend cannot miss.


  • For Nokta Legend
  • Lighten your Detector
  • Indispensable

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Kit for Nokta Legend, LG30 plate,...

€240.00 €179.00

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