Pinpointer Minelab Pro-Find 15

    Available in 15 days

    A PRO-FIND series pinpointer is a key part of your research kit.

    PRO-FIND 15 helps to accurately locate objects inside small holes or cavities where the metal detector plate cannot access, speeding up the search and finding of the target.

    Locate objects quickly and with surgical precision even in difficult conditions.

    Tech Specs

      • Water resistant (not submersible)
      • Audio signalling
      • Fixed sensitivity
      • High visibility
      • Holster included.

    What is the right pinpointer for beginners?

    The basic feature that a pinpointer for beginners must have is the simplicity of use, moreover it is important that this search tool is:

      • robust
      • apable of detecting even very small objects 
      • stability in the signal.

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