pinpointer minelab pro find 15
    • pinpointer minelab pro find 15

    Pinpointer Minelab Pro-Find 15

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    Simple and essential, the Pro-Find 15 is immediately ready to search without the need for adjustments.

    Just press the power button and the pinpointer will auto-calibrate to provide maximum performance

    PRO-FIND 15 helps to accurately locate objects inside small holes or cavities where the metal detector plate cannot access, speeding up the search and finding of the target.

    Locate objects quickly and with surgical precision even in difficult conditions.

    Tech Specs

    • Self-calibration
    • Water resistant (not submersible)
    • Audio signalling
    • Fixed sensitivity
    • High visibility
    • Holster included.

    Standard Equipment

    • Pro-Find 15 Pointer
    • Multilingual instructions
    • Holster

    What is the right pinpointer for beginners?

    The basic feature that a pinpointer for beginners must have is the simplicity of use, moreover it is important that this search tool is:

    • robust
    • Capable of detecting even very small objects 
    • stability in the signal.

    If you are passionate about metal detector research, adding a centering device to your equipment can make the difference between a fruitful search and an unrewarding one.
    That's why you should always have with you Pro Find 15 during your searches:

    • Accuracy: A locator gives you incredible accuracy in pinpointing the exact location of the metal object once you have located the general signal with the main metal detector. This allows you to save time and energy during the excavation phase.
    • Faster Discoveries: It helps you locate coins, jewelry, and other metal objects quickly, allowing you to make more discoveries in less time.
    • Using in Tight Spaces: In tight spaces, such as cracks in rocks or between tree roots, it is vital to locate objects that might otherwise escape the main detector.
    • Efficiency in the water: If you are passionate about underwater searches, a good centering device is water resistant and helps you locate and recover objects from the seabed quickly and efficiently.
    • Saving time and energy: The combination of a metal detector and Pro Find 15 allows you to save time and energy, focusing your efforts only on excavations that are really worthwhile.

    In summary, having a Pinpointer with you at all times during your metal detector searches gives you a significant advantage in locating and retrieving metal objects quickly, accurately and efficiently. It is an essential tool that will help you maximize your discoveries and make your searches even more rewarding.


    • Essential
    • Ready to use
    • Easy to use

    Data sheet

    Up to 1.5mt
    Maximum Assembled Length
    Search Mode Type
    Audio Only
    Battery Run Time
    30 Hours
    Manufacturer Code

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    Pinpointer Minelab Pro-Find 15

    99.00 €

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