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    • Nokta AccuPOINT
    • Nokta AccuPOINT
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    Nokta AccuPOINT

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    Discovering hidden and valuable objects has never been easier thanks to the Nokta AccuPOINT Pinpointer. This detection tool has been meticulously designed to simplify your experience, whether you are an experienced searcher or you have just starting your research journey. With a focus on unprecedented precision and safety, AccuPOINT is the perfect choice for metal detecting enthusiasts.

    The heart of the Nokta AccuPOINT is its high-resolution color LCD screen. This screen provides all the essential information you need clearly and immediately. The intuitive interface allows you to easily access settings and adjustments, ensuring hassle-free and uninterrupted searching.

    Enjoy a wireless and lag-free audio experience by pairing the AccuPOINT with any headphones Low latency Bluetooth®. This feature allows you to fully immerse yourself in your research without having to worry about cables.

    With Nokta AccuPOINT's advanced discrimination, you can use ferrous/non-ferrous tones to identify valuable objects and minimize rejection during your search. This will help you identify your goals more precisely.

    The Nokta AccuPOINT Pinpointer is a reliable companion for your research trips. Offering a combination of advanced features in a rugged and elegant design, this tool will guide you to discover hidden objects with precision and confidence. Whether you're a novice or an expert, AccuPOINT is ready to improve your search experience.

    Tech Specs

    • Waterproof up to 3 meters
    • Volume Control and Adjustable Backlight
    • Frequency Shift
    • Activation of loss alarm after 5 minutes of inactivity
    • Choice between different alert modes
    • Integrated LED Flashlight: Ideal for night hunting and underwater use.
    • Replaceable Tip Protection
    • The USB Type-C rechargeable Li-Po battery offers up to 25 hours of use

    Standard Equipment

    • AccuPOINT Pointer
    • Replaceable Tip Protector
    • Belt Holster
    • USB Type-C Charging Cable
    • Security Lanyard

    Why use a pinpointer in search?

    The use of the pinpointer is necessary to make the recovery phase of the objects, sometimes buried, quicker and more precise once the excavation with the shovel has begun.


    • Waterproof up to 3 m.
    • LCD display
    • Iron discrimination

    Data sheet

    up to 3 mt.
    217 gr
    Maximum Assembled Length
    247 mm
    20 kHz
    2 Years
    Video Instructions
    Display Type
    Color LCD
    Search Mode Type
    Number Audio Tones
    Exclusive Features
    Iron Discrimination + Bluetooth Audio
    Battery Run Time
    Up to 25 hours
    Battery Type
    Li-Po ricaricabile USB Type-C

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    Nokta AccuPOINT

    159.00 €

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