Spectacular NoktaMakro Green Series 2.4 GHz wireless headphones: never again without!

    Nokta Wireless Headphones

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    Enjoy your Nokta metal detector with cable-free headphones. With the wireless Green Edition 2.4 GHz headphones you'll have more technology and less clutter during research.

    Compatible with:

    • Simplex Plus
    • PulseDive
    • Anfibio
    • Kruzer
    • Gold Kruzer
    • Impact
    • Racer 2
    • Gold Racer

    Tech Specs

    • Battery: Li-Po
    • Frequency: 2,4 GHz
    • Audio Output: Mono
    • Battery life: 14-20 hours
    • Recharging time: about 3 hours
    • Transmission range: 10 meters


    • Lightweight
    • Ultra comfort
    • Very useful


    Manuale Cuffie Wireless

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    Nokta Wireless Headphones