Nokta-Makro KOSS Headphones
    • Nokta-Makro KOSS Headphones

    Nokta KOSS Headphones

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    The new NoktaMakro KOSS headphones are perfect for listening even the faintest signals during your land hunts. 

    Made in cooperation with the legendary KOSS brand audio quality will allow you to detect the deepest targets.

    Its connector is standard 6.3mm (1/4"), features Volume control and its headband is adjustable.

    Tech Specs

    • Headphones with 6.3mm connector
    • Adjustable headband
    • Volume control
    • Spiral cable
    • Made in cooperation with KOSS

    Compatible with:

    • SIMPLEX+
    • Multi KRUZER
    • Gold KRUZER
    • KRUZER
    • ANFIBIO Multi


    • Nokta KOSS Headphones
    • For Kruzer/Anfibio/Simplex
    • With 6.3mm Standard connector

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    Nokta KOSS Headphones

    70.00 €