Mini Spade Razor Relic

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    The brand new Mini Spade Razor Relic of Garrett excavation shovel is the best solution for the most difficult and hard terrain.

    Made with the best steel and with a "T" handle, it measures 91 centimeters of which 22 are blades.

    Thanks to the exceptional sharpening, it is able to penetrate even the most difficult soils and cut the most robust roots.

    The RAZOR RELIC blade includes the protective case and weighs only 1.7 Kilograms.

    Tech Specs

    • Size: 91 cm (Blade 22 cm) 
    • Weight: 1.7 kg

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    • Ultra robust
    • Extreme penetration capacity
    • Made with top Steeel materials

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    Mini Spade Razor Relic