Detector Shop microfibre Cloth

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    The Detector Shop microfibre cloth is the perfect solution to polish your valuables just found in your searches.

    Prevent soil residue from sticking to your objects found underground and use the Detector Shop microfibre cloth to clean them and make them shiny and stained.

    The Detector Shop microfibre cloth is useful for its convenience in transport: insert it into the belt loop of the pants during searches or use it through the space for the hook when you do not use it to keep it clean and safeguard the fabric.

    The product also easily removes liquid residues such as water and other elements due to the lightweight, soft and durable fabric.

    Use it to scrub away any agent from your metal objects and prevent leftover soil from seeping into pockets or pockets where you insert found objects with your metal detector.

    Store it in a spacious backpack while searching, such as the Detector Shop Backpack Block Roll-Top, which will allow you to place the microfibre cloth and all your items in a unique, comfortable and large space.

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    • Hardy 
    • Maximum comfort in use
    • Space for hook

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    Detector Shop microfibre Cloth

    9.90 €

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