Searchcoil 12x10" SEF for White's
    • Searchcoil 12x10" SEF for White's

    Searchcoil 7" Ultimate for White's Spectra

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    The Detech 7" Ultimate DD coil for White's Spectra V3/V3i is perfect for searching in tight environments or with natural or artificial obstacles.

    Ultra-agile, is able to surgically separate the targets in the middle of the trash.

    Its sensitivity is really great, even on really tiny targets.

    Also highly recommended on highly mineralized soils.

    Ideale for hunting in:

    • Battle fields
    • Mountains
    • Iron infested soils

    The Expert’s Comment

    • Optimized for multifrequency
    • Outstanding target separation
    • Very sensitive on tiny targets
    • Includes coil cover
    • Perfect for ultra-mineralized soils


    • For White's Spectra V3 and V3i
    • Excellent accuracy
    • Great sensitivity

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