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    This metal detector is based on the "Motion" principle. Thanks to its new and powerful microprocessor and the 17 kHz operating frequency, it filters and analyzes signals giving clear identification back.

    The C.Scope CS6MXi features true amazing performances in term of depth, discrimination and target separation.

    It's a very fast machine that really works well on every soil or hunting environment.

    The Expert’s Comment

    • Suitable for expert hunters
    • Recommended for land use, even on mineralized soils
    • Amazing and refined ground balance system
    • Allows a very sophisticated iron discrimination
    • Rugged and ideal for difficult terrains

    Tech Specs

    • 3 tones Audio discrimination.
    • Search Principle: MOTION
    • Ground Balance: automatic/manual
    • Operating Frequency: 17 kHz
    • Coil: 8x11" elliptical DD
    • Headphones Jack: Yes
    • Weight: 1,45 KG Including batteries
    • Power: 8 AA batteries
    • Manual: Italian/English
    • Warranty: 2 years


    • Suitable for Experts
    • Search coil 8"x11" DD
    • Frequency 17 kHz

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    789.00 €

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