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    The Sea Hunter metal detector allows the use of the pulse induction search system, improving depth and facilitating the centering of the detected object for rapid recovery by the researcher.

    It excellent performance both underwater and on the surface.

    The ability to unhook the control box, as well as significantly light rods allows you to create different mounting configurations.

    Standard Equipment

    • Sea Hunter Mark II Metal Detector 
    • Submersible Headphones

    What types of searches does the Garrett Sea Hunter metal detector do?

    The Sea Hunter allows you to carry out searches in All Metal (with excellent ground penetration capability).
    You can set up discrimination for small objects such as: bottle caps, foil and ferrous nails.
    If you're attracted to this kind of research, this metal detector is for you!

    Type of UseBeaches/Water
    SubmersibleUp to 60 mt.
    Weight2,58 kg.
    Adjustable ShaftYes
    Minimum Assembled Length71 cm.
    Maximum Assembled Length132 cm.
    Rechargeable SystemNot included
    Battery8 x AA
    Headphone JackUnderwater
    Arm RestAdjustable
    Arm Rest StrapN/D
    Control Box MountRemovable
    Number of FrequenciesN/D
    FrequenciesPulse Induction PI
    Warranty2 Years
    Instruction ManualIn Italian
    Video InstructionsIn English
    Coil Dimensions8"
    Coil ShapeCircular
    Coil TypeOpen
    Coil TechnologyMono
    Coil InterchangeableYes
    Waterproof CoilYes
    Sub CoilYes
    Optional CoilsAvailable
    Display TypeN/D
    Search Mode Number3
    Search Mode TypeNon-Motion All Metal, Standard PI Discrimination, Discrete PI Discrimination
    TechnologyPulse Induction Multipla
    Ground Balance (Fixed)No
    Ground Balance (Manual)No
    Ground Balance (Automatic)No
    Target Identification (ID)No
    Programmable Target IdN/D
    Number of Segments Target IdN/D
    Depth IndicationNo
    Volume ControlNo
    Audio TonesNo
    Number Audio TonesN/D
    Low Battery WarningNo
    Exclusive FeaturesDiscrete Elimination Mode, Tecnologia Frequenza Multipla


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