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Based on the innovative Multi-Flex simultaneous multifrequency technology, the GARRETT ACE APEX Wireless offers unimaginable performance to date for detectors in its price range.
More depth, more responsiveness, more versatility and an incredible ability to discriminate and manage the most difficult terrains.

In the special Wireless package, it also includes the Garrett MS-3 Z-Lynk wireless headphones, with perfect audio without delay.


With the new APEX ACE, you can choose whether to use the detector with one of 4 powerful single frequencies (5, 10, 15 and 20 kHz) to have maximum detection power on specific targets or choose one of the simultaneous multifrequency modes for maximum versatility and flexibility of search with great depth and responsiveness on all types of targets and terrain.

The Garrett APEX is also equipped with the MULTI-SALT multifrequency mode, ideal for salt water search for maximum depth even in the shoreline or with submersed coil.

The detector is equipped with the brand new 6"x11" DD VIPER coil, fully immersive and has a back-lit display that is rain, dust and salt-proof. Lightweight, weighing only 1.1 kg is the lightest metal detector available today on the world market in its category.

Standard Equipment

  • Metal Detector ACE APEX Wireless
  • 6"x11" DD Viper waterproof coil
  • MS-3 Z-Lynk wireless headphones
  • 6"x11" DD coil cover
  • Embedded Lithium rechargeable batteries

What are the merits of a Metal Detector with Simultaneous Multifrequency?

Common single-frequency metal detectors transmit, receive and analyze signals using, as it is easy to guess, just one frequency, chosen by the manufacturer based on the particular characteristics that you want to give to the model.

Detectors designed to search for large objects will most likely use a low frequency (3-5 kHz) while, for example, coin-oriented machines will have an intermediate frequency (7-15 kHz) or even specific machines for small gold nuggets prospecting will have a high frequency (30-60 kHz).

Some newly built detectors allow the user to choose one between a set of frequencies (usually 3 or 4, between low, intermediate and high), so that the instrument can be optimized according to specific needs. These detectors are usually called Plurifrequency.

Their limit lies in the fact that it will be a user responsibility to choose the most suitable frequency, but it is not possible then to know which types of targets are buried in the ground.

Here the best solution is given to us by the detectors that use a Simultaneous Multifrequency!

These machines are able to transmit, receive and analyze 2 or more (up to tens!) frequencies AT THE SAME TIME!

Buried targets will then be analyzed by both low, intermediate and high frequencies, in a completely automatic, fast and efficient way, thus providing the best ability to detect and identify targets compared to silgle or plurifrequency models.

In addition, Simultaneous Multifrequency will be able to excellently reduce the disturbances of mineralization, both ferrous and saline.

Type of UseMultipurpose
Adjustable ShaftYes
Minimum Assembled Length1.09m
Maximum Assembled Length1.4m
Arm RestFixed
Arm Rest StrapIncluded
Control Box MountFixed
Number of Frequencies4
Frequencies5-10-15-20 kHz
Warranty2 Years
Instruction ManualIn Italian
Coil Dimensions6"x11" DD
Coil ShapeElliptical
Coil TypeOpen
Coil TechnologyViper
Waterproof CoilYes
Sub CoilYes
Display TypeRetroilluminato
Search Mode Number6
Search Mode TypeMotion
TechnologyMulti-Flex technology
Ground Balance (Fixed)No
Ground Balance (Manual)No
Ground Balance (Automatic)Yes
Target Identification (ID)Yes
Number of Segments Target Id90
Depth IndicationYes
Volume ControlYes
Number Audio Tones5
Low Battery WarningYes
Exclusive FeaturesMulti frequenza simultanea "Multy Flex"
Coil CoverIncluded
Warranty2 Years


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