Kit PRO-GLD Minelab
    • Kit PRO-GLD Minelab

    Kit PRO-GOLD Minelab

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    The Gold Panning Kit is the ideal set of tools for those who want to dedicate themselves in a professional way to prospecting for native gold .

    Ideal for experts, but also for beginners, the Gold Panning Kit includes 1 classifier and 2 sieves / batee in light propylene, useful for extracting the precious mineral gold-bearing with black sands or ground, also includes other useful accessories for storage and analysis and instruction manuals .

    Standard equipment

    • Batea 15″ (Ø 35.5 cm) double groove
    • Batea 10″ (Ø 25.5 cm) single groove
    • 1 filing sieve 14″ (Ø 35.5 cm) 
    • Gold collection vials
    • Pipette to aspirate the gold
    • 2 Flasks to store gold fragments
    • Double magnifying glass (3x, 5x)
    • Magnet to separate the iron
    • Manual
    • Carrying bag

    Why buy the Gold Panning Kit ?

    • To be able to carry out professional gold prospecting
    • For the completeness of accessories
    • For the strength and quality of the materials used


    • For native gold prospecting
    • 1 classifier
    • 2 gold sieves

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    Kit PRO-GOLD Minelab

    54.00 €