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    The new Garrett ATX is currently the most powerful Pulse Induction Metal Detector!

    Waterproof up to 3 meters, it is IDEAL to operate in real extreme conditions.

    Outstanding for precious metals and small gold nuggets detection.
    Including a 12"x10" search coil and the powerful 20" Deepseeker coil allows detections at great depths. 

    You won't need to change the way you search to focus your detection on a particular target and discriminate others.

    Advanced Ground Balance. ATX has a wide range of ground balance, from highly mineralized soils to salt water, without changing search modes.
    Exclusive "DD" coil design. Improves the detection of small objects without the need of slowing the coil sweep speed.
    Motion and Non-Motion modes. They allow excellent detection performance, based on personal preference or soil conditions.
    Quick Iron Check function and Adjustable Discrimination. For advanced iron rejection.
    LED indicators. Featuring signal strength and actual settings in use.
    Speaker. Integrated, it allows to search without using headphones.
    Frequency scan. Automatic feature to eliminate EMI interference.
    Retune Audio. Automatically removes unwanted signals coming from ground mineralization.
    Volume Control. Adjustable, to make deep or week signals easier to listen.

    Standard Equipment

    • Metal Detector Garrett ATX
    • 12"x10" Search Coil
    • 20" Search Coil
    • Land Use Headphones
    • Transport Bag
    • Hard Transport case
    • Alkaline Batteries Set
    • Rechargeable Batteries Set
    • Chargers
    • Coil Cover
    • Strap
    Type of UseAll terrains
    SubmersibleUp to 3 mt.
    Weight2,5 kg.
    Adjustable ShaftYes
    Minimum Assembled Length51 cm.
    Maximum Assembled Length173 cm.
    Rechargeable SystemIncluded
    Battery8 x AA
    Headphone JackUnderwater
    Arm RestAdjustable
    Arm Rest StrapIncluded
    Control Box MountFixed
    Number of FrequenciesN/D
    FrequenciesPulse Induction (PI)
    Warranty2 Years
    Instruction ManualIn Italian
    Video InstructionsIn English
    Coil Dimensions10 x 12"
    Coil ShapeElliptical
    Coil TypeOpen
    Coil TechnologyDD
    Coil InterchangeableYes
    Waterproof CoilYes
    Sub CoilYes
    Optional CoilsAvailable
    Display TypeN/D
    Search Mode Number2
    Search Mode TypeMotion, NON Motion
    TechnologyPulse Induction
    Ground Balance (Fixed)No
    Ground Balance (Manual)No
    Ground Balance (Automatic)Yes
    Target Identification (ID)No
    Programmable Target IdN/D
    Number of Segments Target IdN/D
    Depth IndicationNo
    Volume ControlYes
    Audio TonesYes
    Number Audio TonesNot specified
    Low Battery WarningYes
    Exclusive FeaturesAdvanced Pulse Induction, Advanced Ground Balance, Esclusivo design DD della piastra, Utilizzo su tutti i terreni, Impermeabile fino a 3 metri, Advanced Detection Frequency


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