Neodymium magnet with attraction force max 155 kg! Perfect for magnet-fishing in rivers, lakes and beaches!

    Magnet 75 mm 155kg

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      Ultra Strong Neodymium Magnet with steel base and threaded bolt

      This magnet is set on a steel base to increase its drag force up to 155 kg

      Amazing for river, lake and beach magnet fishing!

      The drag force is related to a ceiling mounted test position (perpendicular drag force).

      Standard Equipment

      • Steel base 75 mm
      • Metal loop for rope linking

      Tech Specs

      • Magnet with steel base and threaded bolt
      • Diameter 75 mm
      • Total Height 31 mm
      • Base Height 18 mm
      • Bolt Diameter 14 mm
      • Thread M10
      • Tolerance  +/-0,1 mm
      • Magnet composition NdFeB (Neodymium-Iron-Boron alloy)
      • Magnetization / Grade  N38
      • External Cover NiCuNi (Nickel based)
      • Drag Force 155 kg
      • Weight 590 gr
      • Max Operating Temperature 80°C

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