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    • nokta shaft

    Central Nokta Shaft SX/LG/SC

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    The Nokta Shaft for Nokta metal detector is compatible with a variety of models:

    This accessory is essential for those seeking a sturdy and lightweight Nokta Shaft , significantly enhancing the search experience. Made by Nokta with high-quality materials, the Nokta shaft features a screw locking mechanism for quick and secure mounting. Its adjustable capability allows it to easily adapt to various heights and search styles, providing durability even in adverse weather conditions. For optimal maintenance of your moddle Nokta shaft , it is recommended to regularly clean the shaft and store it in a dry place. Included in the package, you will find a Nokta user manual that facilitates assembly and proper use of the shaft on your Nokta metal detector .

    Why Buy a Nokta Middle Shaft?

    Buying a Nokta middle shaft for your Nokta metal detector is a choice that brings numerous benefits. These Nokta product are designed with high-quality materials, ensuring strength and durability over time. Their Nokta lightweight construction makes it more comfortable and convenient to transport the metal detector during your search sessions. Additionally, the Nokta middle shaft offers precise length adjustment, allowing you to tailor it to your search needs and comfort. With a Nokta, you can rely on a more enjoyable and efficient metal detecting experience.


    • For Nokta models
    • Lightweight and durable
    • Easy to assemble

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    63 cm

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    Central Nokta Shaft SX/LG/SC

    49.00 €

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