Manticore elbow rest
    • Manticore elbow rest

    Manticore elbow rest

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    The elbow rest for Minelab Manticore is the ideal accessory to ensure maximum comfort during your metal detecting sessions. Specifically designed to fit your Manticore, this elbow rest provides reliable support for your arm while holding the metal detector. Crafted with high-quality materials, the elbow rest ensures long-lasting durability and a comfortable touch against your skin. Its ergonomically shaped design allows you to maintain a comfortable position during hours of detecting, reducing fatigue and enhancing the accuracy of your movements. Easy to install and adjust, the elbow rest seamlessly fits your Manticore, providing an even more enjoyable and productive detecting experience. Trust the Minelab Manticore elbow rest for unparalleled comfort during your metal detecting adventures.

    Elbow Rest for Minelab Manticore: Unique Comfort and Precision

    The elbow rest for Minelab Manticore is not just an accessory but an essential component to enhance your detecting experience. It ensures unparalleled comfort during long metal detecting sessions, reducing fatigue and allowing you to focus solely on your findings. With the Manticore elbow rest, every movement becomes more precise, ensuring better results and greater satisfaction in your detecting adventures.


    • Durable and comfortable
    • For Minelab Manticore
    • Practical and useful

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    Manticore elbow rest

    45.00 €

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