Amazing Ultrasonic Cleaner JP900S

    Ultrasonic Cleaner JP900S

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    Ultrasonic Cleaner JP900S is a powerful ultrasound that allows you to carry out a professional and deep cleaning of various valuables, such as jewelry or coins, without damaging them.

    • Digital control from LED display with timer
    • Basket supports objects
    • 5 cleaning time settings (from 1:30", 3:00", 6:00", 07:30") 

    Usable for various items including: rings, ancient and modern coins, jewelry, bracelets, gaskets, bronze items, antiques, badges, eyeglasses, valves, sunglasses, watches, diamonds, prostheses, optical lenses, machine nozzles, silverware, ink-jet printer heads, tattoo tools and piercings.

    Features of the product:

    Product type: ultrasonic cleaner

    Collection: JP - 900s

    General format: 206 * 175 * 147 mm

    Tank size: 150 x 130 x 50 mm

    Weight: 1.5 kg

    Power: 50 W

    Frequency: 40 kHz

    Time setting: 5 time periods

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