Aluminum flask by Detector Shop - Your contribution to the environment
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    The Detector Shop flask is one of the items that, together with others, documents the strong environmental commitment of our company.

    Built strictly in aluminum (and not plastic) it is equipped with a carabiner and hermetic screw cap, it is one of the indispensable gadgets for treasure hunters.

    Its metallic conformation, but also the design philosophy that created it, represents the culture of eco-sustainability, the one that animates many metal-detector enthusiasts.

    The patrolling of the land and the simultaneous collection of metal objects, in fact, helps to clean up our planet and to give the detectorist the important task of "reclaimer" of the environment.

    The environmental philosophy is increasingly infecting researchers who, with their constant activity, clean up the seabed and soils, collecting not only metal objects but increasingly also paper and many other waste.

    A culture of "good practices" that our company encourages, promotes and enhances. Just like our eco-aluminum flask, the item that replaces the classic (polluting) plastic bottle.

    Tech Specifications

    • Aluminum
    • Hermetic screw cap
    • 0.75 litres capacity
    • Including a carabiner


    • Aluminum and hermetic cap
    • 0.75 litres capacity
    • Including carabiner

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