13" Ultimate DD for Fisher F75




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The Ultimate 13" is considered an absolute reference among metal detector coils.
Developed by Bulgarian company Detech in collaboration with major metal detector manufacturers, it is probably the best coil ever designed on the market.

It provides an increase in depth, stability, power, sensitivity and target separation capacity up to more than 30-50% more than the standard supplied search coils.

Compatible with the following models:

  • Fisher F75

The Ultimate 13" DD coil is fully waterproof and it's equipped with a coil cover.

Compared to classic DD plates, Ultimate 13" has the following advantages:

  • Polymer coating, specifically created to better absorb mechanical shocks and vibrations, reinforced with glass fibers.
  • Very stable operations
  • Exceptional increase in depth
  • Increased accuracy of target identification
  • Allows more stable field searches

The Expert’s Comment

  • Top of the Line Depth performance
  • Light and robust, it's suitable for any detecting environment
  • Outstanding stability to reduce false signals
  • Excellent ground coverage
Dimensions12 x 13"
Detector TypePerforated
Weight560 gr.
Coil CoverIncluded
CompatibleMetal Detector Garrett AT-Pro
AdvantagesExcellent depth and increased scanning area
Warranty2 Years
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